TBjabavac – TB control in the native Eurasian wild boar by oral vaccination

This is a project coordinated by SaBio-IREC, with two key academic partners in Madrid (Univ. Complutense-VISAVET; www.vigilanciasanitaria.es) and Derio (NEIKER; www.neiker.net), and one external partner (Univ. York, UK).

Project description: This is a Plan Nacional I+D+i grant with reference number AGL2011-30041. It lasts from January 2012 to December 2014. Wildlife vaccination is a valuable alternative or complementary tool in TB control. The native Eurasian wild boar is regarded as a key TB reservoir in Spain and Portugal. This project aims to contribute to basic knowledge on wild boar response to vaccination and infection. Results derived from this research will benefit TB control in Spain and other regions where wild boar and feral pig act as TB reservoirs, and the control of other diseases where baiting is an option.


Fondo europeo de desarrollo regional

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