Spotted Fever Group Rickettsiae in Questing Ticks, Central Spain

Fernández de Mera I., Ruiz-Fons F., de la Fuente G., Mangold AJ., Gortázar C., and de la Fuente J. (2013), Emerging Infectious Diseases 19, pp. 1163-1165. (Open Access Article)

Spotted fever ticks spain

Rickettsia species in questing ticks collected in central Spain. A) Study area with 20 collection sites where ticks were found (black dots) of the 39 sites surveyed (white and black dots). B) Multilocus sequence analysis of Rickettsia spp. The evolutionary history was inferred by using the neighbor-joining method of ompA-ompB concatenated sequences (total length = 1,189 nt). The optimal tree with the sum of branch length = 0.15227017 is shown. The percentage of replicate trees in which the associated taxa clustered together in the bootstrap test (1,000 replicates) is shown next to the branches.

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