Centinela o vector? El papel de la cigueña (Ciconia ciconia) en la epidemiología de los virus influenza aviares

white stork movement

Movements of nesting adult White stork from colony near refuse site closured in 2007 to active rubbish dump at 47km distance

 White storks are migratory and connect different habitats that can be the source and risk areas for the transmission of LPAIV into livestock. In this project we study the exposure of white storks to LPAIV and other pathogens of interest for livestock or humans such as West Nile virus. At the same time, using satellite transmitters and ring lectures from tagged storks we investigate the way storks connect different habitats and the potential effect that the infection by LPAIV or other pathogens has on their behaviour.

This project is funded by the national agricultural research institute (INIA, project reference RTA2011-0111-C03-02).

Fondo europeo de desarrollo regional

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