Factores de riesgo y epidemiología espacio-temporal de la tuberculosis en bovino extensivo: un modelo para el control de la enfermedad

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The epidemiology of TB in Doñana National Park (DNP) is spatially structured in cattle and wildlife, although neither the main determinants of this pattern are known. We aim (i) to identify the factors determining the spatio-temporal pattern of persistence and disease transmission of TB, (ii) the effect of wild boar population reduction on disease prevalence in cattle, (iii) to describe the inter and intra-specific interactions associated to TB transmission risks in cattle, and (iv) to evaluate preventive managements able to reduce direct /indirect, intra/interspecific contact rates at risk points.

Project number: AGL2010-20730-C02-01. Financed by: Ministerio de Ciencia e InnovaciónParticipants: UCLM - Universidad de Sevilla

Fondo europeo de desarrollo regional

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