Regulación recíproca de la NF-kB (Relish) y la Subolesina en la garrapata Ixodes scapularis

The results presented here provide evidence that subolesin/akirin are evolutionarily conserved at several levels (primary sequence, gene organization and function), thus supporting their crucial biological function in metazoans. These results showed that NF-kB (Relish) is involved in the regulation of subolesin expression in ticks, suggesting that as in other organisms, different NF-kB integral subunits and/or unknown interacting proteins regulate the specificity of the NF-kB-mediated gene expression. These results suggested a regulatory network involving cross-regulation between NF-kB (Relish) and Subolesin and Subolesin auto-regulation with possible implications in tick immune response to bacterial infection.  These results advance our understanding of gene organization and regulation in I. scapularis and have important implications for arthropod vectors genetics and immunology highlighting the possible role of NF-kB and Subolesin/Akirin in vector-pathogen interactions and for designing new strategies for the control of vector infestations and pathogen transmission.

subolesin regulation

Model for Subolesin regulation in ticks.

(A) Proposed model for NF-kB/Relish(REL) and Subolesin (SUB) regulation of gene expression in ticks. The mechanisms resulting in NF-kB/Subolesin activation and/or increased protein levels are still unknown. NF-kB/REL directly regulates the expression of SUB and other genes. SUB interacts with NF-kB/REL subunits through unknown auxiliary proteins and may be involved in the regulation of NF-kB/REL expression and the regulation of NF-kB/REL-independent gene expression in ticks. (B) Proposed regulatory network that includes cross-regulation between NF-kB/REL and Subolesin and Subolesin auto-regulation.

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Naranjo, N., Ayllón, N., Pérez de la Lastra, J.M., Galindo, R.C., Kocan, K.M., Blouin, E.F., Mitra, R., Alberdi, P., Villar, M., de la Fuente, J. 2013. Reciprocal regulation of NF-kB (Relish) and Subolesin in the tick vector, Ixodes scapularis. PLoS ONE 8(6): e65915.

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