Estructura de los contactos y riesgo de transmisión de enfermedades entre ganado y ungulados silvestres


riesgo contactos

The degree of interaction between domestic and wildlife determine the transmission and subsequently the sharing of pathogens. Our general objetives are (i) to describe and quantify the local patterns of contacts (connectivity among individuals) between domestic livestock and wild ungulates in an area from South Central Spain, for which we will use proximity contact data loggers, a recently developed technology able to record the contacts between and within livestock and wild ungulates. (ii) To determine the individuals or groups that present the highest risk for disease transmission within and between species. (iii) To evidence the factors (including habitat use) that determines the local pattern of contacts between livestock and wild ungulates. (iv) Recommending sanitary and husbandry practices in order to reduce disease transmission at the livestock-wildlife interface.

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