APHAEA – Harmonised Approaches in monitoring wildlife Population Health, And Ecology and Abundance

aphaea-logo This grant is coordinated by SaBio-IREC and the consortium includes eight European partner institutes and close to 20 external partners. Find the details in http://www.aphaea.eu/partners

Project description: This EMIDA ERA-NET (coordination of European Research on Emerging and Major Infectious Diseases of production Animals) (http://www.emida-era.net) project aims at establishing a European wildlife disease surveillance network that is capable of providing reliable estimates of abundance of wildlife species and of pathogen distribution in key wildlife species. It will contribute to the development, implementation and encouragement of the use of harmonized procedures for wildlife population abundance estimation, sampling and diagnosis, both at national and European levels, in order to improve wildlife health surveillance in general. Link: http://www.aphaea.eu


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