SaBio participates in the 3rd COREMI conference in Oeiras, Portugal.

Improving current understanding and research for sustainable control of the poultry red mite – Dermanyssus gallinae.

This project (COREMI) is funded via the European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme. It aims to consolidate the existing expertise and knowledge on poultry red mite and to generate a synergic/holistic approach to improve health, welfare and productivity of the laying hens through more effective prevention and control of poultry red mites.


Description of proteomes for different fed and unfed stages of the poultry red mite (Dermanyssus gallinae)
José Francisco Lima-Barbero, Olivier Sparagano, Robert D. Finn, Lourdes Mateos-Hernández , Mariana Boadella, Ursula Höfle, José de la Fuente, Margarita Villar.

Characterization of mite communities in wild bird nests from south-central Spain
José Francisco Lima-Barbero, Marta Sánchez, Monica Young, Maria L. Moraza, Shira Gal, Ursula Höfle, Eric Palevsky.


Mite monitoring can improve hen welfare
José Francisco Lima-Barbero, Ursula Höfle, Mariana Boadella, Xavier Manteca, Monique Mül, Deborah Temple

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