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Mariana Boadella, PhD

CEO at SaBiotec. Marie Curie fellow at the Viroscience Lab, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam.

MBA student at Instituto de Empresa (Global MBA + Biotechnology management).


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Líneas de investigación


Wildlife populations and disease monitoring.

Wildlife populations are continuously changing, as the pathogens they carry do as well. Thus, monitoring becomes a key tool to identify changes over time and space and also the impact of interventions. Moreover, wildlife species are sources and indicators of emerging diseases, thus, monitoring becomes a keystone for global health. I work mainly on the improvement of wildlife monitoring through the development of diagnostic tools for cervids and suids.

Disease control at the wildlife-domestic-human interface

Wildlife species often act as reservoirs for viral, bacterial and parasitic diseases. The epidemiology and the integrated control of relevant shared diseases, such as Hepatitis E, Aujeszky’s disease or tuberculosis, comes on stage when dealing with the One Health concept. I currently work on the development of disease control methods such as the test-and-cull or the oral vaccination of wildlife reservoirs for TB.

New options for research in Spain.

Young researchers in Spain are facing a disgraceful R+D spending cuts policy. We have the option of emigrating or trying to struggle through it. I’ve decided to go for the second option, but reinventing my own concept of making science. I’ve created my “wish list” for that: I want to open a bridge between us (researchers) and the “business world” since I truly think that we have many things to learn from it; I also want to open our research to the general public to be useful for them; and finally, I’ll work to find new ways to finance the science we do.


Main model hosts and pathogens

          • Hosts: Eurasian wild boar, red deer.
          • Pathogens: Viruses, Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex.


Selected recent publications  

    • Crossing the interspecies barrier: opening the door to zoonotic pathogens Ver Publicación
    • Wild boar tuberculosis in Iberian Atlantic Spain: A different picture from Mediterranean habitats Ver Publicación
    • First serosurvey of Besnoitia spp. infection in wild European ruminants in Spain Ver Publicación

Research Projects  

Research results