Christian and wild boar

Prof. Dr. Christian Gortázar

Head, SaBio (Sanidad y Biotecnología) research group, National Wildlife Research Institute IREC (CSIC-Universidad de Castilla – La Mancha). Ronda de Toledo s.n. 13071 Ciudad Real, Spain.


Líneas de investigación

Wildlife epidemiology and disease control

Viral, bacterial and parasitic diseases of wildlife, with emphasis on the epidemiology and control of relevant diseases shared with livestock and humans, such as bluetongue, pig viral diseases or tuberculosis. Wildlife as disease reservoir. Monitoring of wildlife disease and populations.


Tuberculosis (TB) epidemiology at the wildlife-livestock interface. As TB prevalence has been reduced in livestock, the relative epidemiological and socio-economic importance of wildlife reservoirs and the need for disease management in these species has increased. New diagnostic tools in cervids and suids. Oral vaccination and other tools for integrated disease control. Host and strain-related differences in the response to natural and experimental infections.

Emerging diseases

Wildlife as sources and indicators of emerging viral, bacterial and parasitic diseases. One Health approach to interdisciplinary research for the prevention of disease emergence affecting humans, domestic animals or wildlife and environment.

Main model hosts and pathogens

  • Hosts: Eurasian wild boar, red deer, wild canids.
  • Pathogens: Viruses, Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex, Escherichia coli, vector-borne pathogens.

Selected recent publications  

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    • Mitochondrial phylogeography of the European wild boar: the effect of climate on genetic diversity [...] Ver Publicación
    • Crossing the interspecies barrier: opening the door to zoonotic pathogens Ver Publicación
    • Spotted Fever Group Rickettsiae in Questing Ticks, Central Spain Ver Publicación
    • Factors driving the circulation and possible expansion of Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever virus in the [...] Ver Publicación
    • Tuberculosis Epidemiology in Islands: Insularity, Hosts and Trade Ver Publicación

Research Projects  

Research results