diagnostico fauna

Specialized diagnostics in wildlfie

  • Implementation of sanitary programs in wildlife populations.
  • Diagnostics through new molecular techniques and traditional ones.
  • Health management in game farms.
  • Wildlfie diagnostics. Forensics. 
  • Diagnostics, sanitary risks evaluation, and optimization of open-air livestock production in those cases where wildlife interferes.
  • Evaluation and optimization of game management through sanitary and population fitness management and monitoring. 

Integrated control of diseases shared with wildlife

        We work in the developement of tools for the integrated control of diseases shared with wildlife, specially at the wildlife-livestock interface:
  • Development of tools to improve the at the wildlife-livestock interface risk points; development of methods for selective segregation of wildlife and livestock. 
  • Applied research on new test and cull methods in wild ungulates. 
  • Development of vaccines for the control of diseases shared with wildlife.
  • New tools for integrated control of ticks and tick-borne diseases.


shared diseases


analisis geneticos

Development and application of population genetics to:

Genetic analyses in wild ungulates on geographical origin, variability, immune capacity and fitness, disease resistance, among others.

  • Genetic surveys
  • Paternity testing