As scientists we have the duty to contribute to a better society. Make innovation and results from our research available to the society and the market is a way to meet this goal of social responsibility.

We have created the spin-off company SaBiotec, in order to respond to the need that the market has for developments designed to solve real problems. Our R+D+I, divided in three main branches, can carry solutions in different business sectors that look for innovation.

biologia reproduccion

Reproduction biology

In order to transfer our research results to the private sector and to the society, we offer different services related with animal reproduction. These services include the hormonal syncronization of the does and artificial insemination using cryopreserved semen, among others.


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planta piloto

Genomics and proteomics

The Genomics and Proteomics research line works on the application of functional genomics and proteomics for the characterization of biomarkers of disease resistance and susceptibility, and the identification of vector and pathogen-derived protective antigens for the control of vector infestations and the infection and transmission of pathogens.

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Sanidad animal

Animal Health

In the Animal Health unit, we are dedicated to technology-based transfer and innovation in wildlife veterinary diagnostics, wildlife and livestock disease control tools, and applications in wildlife population genetics.

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