Effect of storage temperature during transport of ovaries on in vitro embryo production in Iberian red deer (Cervus elaphus hispanicus)

García-Alvarez, O., Maroto-Morales, A., Berlinguer, F., Fernández-Santos, M.R., Esteso, M.C., Mermillod, P., Ortiz, J.A., Ramon, M., Pérez-Guzmán, M.D., Garde, J.J., Soler, A.J. 2011. Theriogenology 75: 65-72.


The aim of this work was to study the effect of storage temperature during the transport of ovaries on cleavage and blastocyst rates in Iberian red deer, because wild populations of this subspecies are usually far from laboratories. A total of 472 ovaries from 236 Iberian hinds were recovered and maintained in saline solution at 5-8 °C or 20-25 °C for 12 h. After storage, aspirated oocytes were matured with FSH/LH or EGF and the developed embryos were cultured with oviduct epithelial cells monolayer (OCM). A higher (P = 0.009) cleavage rate was obtained when the ovaries were stored at 5-8 °C. However, there were no differences between both storage temperatures in relation to the percentage of blastocysts obtained. Considering the management and production systems of Iberian red deer, this study provides important information about the ovary storage temperature during transport with the purpose of assuring an optimal in vitro embryo production.

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