Gestionar correctamente los residuos de caza para controlar la tuberculosis

Properly manage hunting waste to control tuberculosis.
Prevent hunting debris from being accessible to mammals, reduces wild boar tuberculosis by 25%. This is confirmed by a study recent article by researchers from the University of Córdoba, IREC and ISCIII (

Residuos de caza

In the last decades, wild boar and cervids have increased their populations in Spain. This implies a greater generation of hunting debris, which can favor the transmission of infections, including tuberculosis. The study evaluated the usefulness of the adequate elimination of game waste as a measure of tuberculosis control, using as controls sites in which such elimination was not implemented during the study period. The proper disposal of hunting waste contributed to a 25% reduction in tuberculosis in wild boar. These results are of particular relevance with respect to the wild boar in the current context of reemerging and emerging diseases, and confirm the opportunity of the recent regional and national regulations (e.g. RD50/2018) on hunting by-products.

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