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SaBio group (Health and Biotechnology) belongs to the Instituto de Investigación en Recursos Cinegéticos, IREC (CSIC-UCLM-JCCM). SaBio is dedicated to contribute to health, animal production and conservation through research and technological development. SaBio is an interdisciplinary group with a high level of internationalization, high scientific productivity and with the ability to transfer knowledge. SaBio brings together around 40 researchers of excellence in biotechnology, reproduction, health, and related fields.

Each year, SaBio increases its interactions with industries of the pharma/veterinary and game/livestock sectors, generating new patents and knowledge. Current projects include reproductive biotechnology, sanitary control, vaccine development, and research on emerging diseases.




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VIII Wildlife Epidemiology and disease control Course

Infections shared with wildlife are relevant for public health, economy and conservation. Disease emergence often takes place at the complex human/livestock/wildlife interface.

This practical course provides specialized training in epidemiology and wildlife disease control at the IREC by the SaBio team, in one of Europe´s hotspots for this extraordinary scientific field.

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VI epidemiology course


Master in Wildlife Research

The general objective of the Master's Degree in Basic and Applied Research in Hunting Resources is the training of professionals capable of developing scientific research work in wildlife, particularly in game species. The Master is seen as a specific offer of knowledge on wildlife and game species. It brings up a specialized level, for those students who wish to increase their training in ecology, biology, health, reproduction and wildlife and game management.

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Current research activity includes new developments in reproductive biotechnology, disease control and vaccine design, and research on emerging diseases.



Our goal is the training of professionals capable to develop scientific research work in the fields of biotechnology, reproduction biology and health.



In this section you will find the different funding opportunities to work with us, as well as the profiles of researchers or students that we expect to recruit in the future.




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